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PYOUR PERFORMANCE™ leg wear is an innovative solution to your outdoor comfort. PYOUR leg wear, integrates technical thermal-regulating socks and base layer bottoms into one seamless garment.

PYOUR PERFORMANCE™ leg wear are made with natural and technical yarns, like Thermocool™, Merino wool and Isofil™, to engineer the specific blend that best enhances your outdoor activity. Fit, comfort, and warmth are finally possible at the same time. Those painful memories of tucking your long underwear into your socks, making your boots uncomfortable are gone forever with PYOUR PERFORMANCE™ leg wear.

The construction of our patented leg wear is designed to meet the unique demands of your activity. Knee to toe cushioning for shock absorption, seamless toes, and arch support add to the comfort of keeping your legs and feet warm and dry.

Whatever your outdoor activity, skiing, running, hiking or working, Pyour has a style of leg wear designed to meet your specific needs.

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